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A quizz videogame in real-time which challenge you to compite among other users in order to guess one of the right answers of a question. Because yes. There is only one wrong answer. Here the real challenge is try to hit the right option but avoiding other users in the same selection. So you need some intuition in order to be alone in an answer. Other strategies can occur during the match, like stealing lifes to other users or even reviving, whenever you got enough coins, of course… It is a frenetic game where you have to put strategy and intuition together in order to be the last survivor on the match. Lose less lifes than other players is the key to win the game. Visit now and live the best real-time challenge.
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Que no te rescaten

Desperados beer brand needed an application for their set of parties celebrated in the 2016 summer in Spain. The main goal of this app was collect tweets and Instagram’s posts in real time. During the proper parties. Besides, people were capable of see the news because of a video-wall seated in the parties. There, all posts were appearing with the author and the message attached. Additionally, the app stopped the night with a “happy minute” where users could get free beers on the parties while the screen was active. All this events, hashtags and posts filters were treated in real-time also, through a CMS managed by an admin profile present in the parties.
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Auténtico Sur

Website for La Sureña where we could find a special header with an interactive experience waiting for us, which was offering special promotions and activities. With the help of a mobile phone as complement of the experience, we could synchronize the website’s header with our phone, getting a kind of compass for moving objects on the header, in order to find the Real South, as the campaign was claiming. Once we had the real south, we should invite some Facebook’s friends and we could gain drinks and discounts.   This action was awarded with a bronze metal on Inspirational Contest on 2012.
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