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A quizz videogame in real-time which challenge you to compite among other users in order to guess one of the right answers of a question. Because yes. There is only one wrong answer. Here the real challenge is try to hit the right option but avoiding other users in the same selection. So you need some intuition in order to be alone in an answer. Other strategies can occur during the match, like stealing lifes to other users or even reviving, whenever you got enough coins, of course… It is a frenetic game where you have to put strategy and intuition together in order to be the last survivor on the match. Lose less lifes than other players is the key to win the game. Visit now and live the best real-time challenge.
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Escuela de Pueblo

Videogame for the advertisment campaign of Aquarius on 2012, Pueblos. This app gave us the chance of learning to be “pueblerinos” (countryside folk) where we had to challenge ourselves and our capabilities in diary activities in farm works. We found three mini-games where gave us an certification in each level. The better qualification we had the more opportunities we had to gain a real house in the countryside, valued in more than 90K €. A good prize.
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La Búsqueda del Paraíso

App and contest in real time, backing the advertisment campaign in 2012 for Iberostar Hoteles, in which we had to compite among other users for finding a geolocation on a world map with the only help of some clues, the real distance in Km and our actual position in the challenge ranking. The starting point is with an intro by Antonio Banderas with the first clue. Additionally, a community manager, was bringing more clues while he was scanning the competition in real time, always searching the most competitive scenario. The first user that find the location was the winner of a trip to visit that hotel. All competitors could see the actual ranking position of all users in real time, getting the challenge more interesting.  
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Social Killer

Facebook app for promoting the TV Serie Rizzoli & Isles in Calle13 spanish TV channel. Within a police ambient we have to take one of the proposed rols: killer or detective. As serial killers we could choose one of our Facebook friends to kill him. Then, this friend receive an anonimous email warning him about his murder. The killed user could access to app in “victim” rol, where he had to be capable of finding the real murderer with help of some clues given by the actual heroines on TV serie. Once the crime is resolved we are going to be part of a general ranking and a particular ranking, conformed by only our friends. This piece was a real challenge for testing our killer and detective capabilities.
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